Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 5. Redding

Breakfast after check out.

This time there was mixed fruit jelly at the table which made my whole day.
Lassen volcanic national park is between Susanville and Redding with a road through the middle so we decided to make that our next stop.
Lots and lots of trees.

Stopped at the visitors center. The parking lot was full of hippies driving Prius'. Ugh.

Inside more dead stuff not for sale :(. We waited for an annoyingly long time for iced mochas from a server with scarily puffy eyes.
The road through the park was 22 miles of pretty much straight up a mountain driving. I nearly peaced out and started panic breathing at about 4000 feet with a cliff on my side with no guard rail. Luckily Henry only seemed interested in taking photos from the car while he was driving.

Snow still.

More trees, but crispy.
Managed to make it through the park without being eaten by bears or having a complete meltdown.
On the drive to redding we stopped at a million road side junk stores in towns I don't remember the names of. Henry was most excited about scoring another pair of side button track pants. Don't ask.
In one of the towns we happened upon these majestic lawn ornament peacocks.

I wanted one SO badly, but the store was closed. A note on the door suggested that anything with a price tag could be purchased at the gift store down the driveway. Not one peacock with a price tag! We went to the gift store anyway. The ancient old man talked us into buying salt water taffy. He said the peacocks were $60, but the BIG peacocks were $75. So of course we bought the big one and spent 20 minutes rearranging crap in the car to get it to fit. So fantastic.
Made it to redding but it was already pretty late in the day. Somehow the temp outside had jumped to 104. Wtf Redding?!?Checked into a skeevy motel. Henry was all about the zebra striped comforters shown in the pictures. Even a smoking room! Bought a coke from a machine with spider webs over the dispenser.
Watched the toddlers and tiaras marathon.
I really had been wanting pizza and there was a local place with great reviews on yelp. Drive around in circles a few times before Henry made me get out and walk. In the heat! Finally found the place, or at least the storefront where it used to be :(
Decided to have Mexican at the place where we parked the car instead.
Went back to the room to watch more pageantry and have some drinks. It was about 11:30 when Henry saw a cockroach in the bathroom. Operating on the assumption that if there's one there's a million, he checked the whole room, but nothing. We decided to stay anyway since neither one of us was safe to drive at that point. We decided to leave at the crack of dawn with no showers. He stuffed a towel under the bathroom door for an extra measure of safety.
In the morning we headed for Eureka
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