Saturday, March 28, 2009

Awesome Hair Weirdness from Canada!

So I have been coveting these fabulous hair accessories for ages we did a trade for a My Pretty Zombie doll, Octopussy Hair flower, and a Head Nurse pocket mirror. My hair is not camera ready this morning so I got one of my many naked unnamed soon to be zombifed barbies to model them for me. Above is one of the awesome bamboo boxes each hair flower came in.

So effin rock star, I know. You should read her blog too...its some funny shit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

At last!

This was our wedding day 7/1/02

Paul has been in Florida all week. He left on Monday for work related meetings and what not and decided to stay an extra few days to visit with his family.

That leaves me at home alone. I can't be trusted. I had cookies for breakfast this morning. My mom came over to babysit me last night. She had to call me at work to remind me to stop and get bottled water, because we were out. Paul handles all the water responsibilities. I just put it in the coffee maker. The dogs are lucky they got any water this week. I remember to feed them only because they go into full freak out mode at 11 am and pm due to Lulas diabetic schedule (what we call pokey time)

So anyway...I work my ass off all week cleaning up pee, then I have to come home and clean up more pee. They really are ass pains. We don't have a doggy door due to large raccoons in our neighborhood, but according to Shannon, this can be remedied by Paul peeing outdoors.
Normally when hes out of town working, I watch all the foreign horror movies that I've stockpiled that he's not interested in enduring. This time I've been too obsessed with barbie furniture and google analytics to get any movie watching done. Dioramas to be coming soon. They don't sell like the single zombies, but I love that tiny accessory crap and putting it all together.
He gets home tomorrow and life will return to normal. I miss him so terribly. I did get to drive his car all week though. NICE!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am so totally beside myself that my fellow darksider hooked me up with this sweet website. Now everyone can be pretty. No one is getting anything but this for christmas, so don't even ask.

Get Some

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Suri My Pretty Baby Zombie Doll

Here is a before picture...
And after...
So I have had an ass load of these freaking tiny barbies laying around forever. I keep meaning to get to them, but then Tool Academy is on.
These are technically Kelly dolls. Kelly is Barbie's little sister. And they are small. 4 inches compared to Barbies 11.5.
Paul is my expert when it comes to naming zombies. I showed him this one and he said Suri. I was thinking JOJO, but I guess that will be the next one.