Sunday, June 19, 2011


My work is less than 5 minutes from my parents house. I usually go there to eat ( read my parents cook for me) when I take my lunch break.
This week my mom is nannying overnight leaving me and my dad to our own devices. I've been eating fast food mostly and feeling sorry for myself.
So tonight I left work to go through the drive thru at carls jr. There's been a handwritten sign on the speaker for months that says " sensor broken. Say HI"
I don't know why it fills me with so much performance anxiety, but it does. I never say hi first.

For some reason ( probably the same thing that makes me take a jacket whenever I leave the house. Thanks mom!) I always get my wallet out before I order. Tonight, I had no wallet. I dumped my purse looking for it. It's not easy to miss, it's huge and green and has a panda in a hockey mask holding a bloody chainsaw. But it wasn't there. And then I remembered. I had taken my wallet out to order some shipping supplies...I must have left it at home!
Funny how the fact that I was driving around without my license didn't occur to me until just now! Ooops! I guess my priorities are a bit wacked!

Thankfully, I hadn't ordered yet, thanks to the stupid "say HI " sign. I was having visions of wearing a hair net like pee wee and washing dishes to pay off my tuna melt and chocolate shake.

But I still had to wait behind the other cars in order to get out. And they're slow as shit there, for reals. I had already wasted 8 minutes of my 30 minute break when I called my dad.
me: dad! Do you have anything to eat?! I'm at the drive thru and I forgot my wallet?!
Dad:sure. Do you need some money?
Me: no I just need to eat something before I go back to work

Otherwise it might be face stabbing time.

Dad: sure come on over

So my dad gave me the hot dogs he was planning on eating and kept trying to offer me other stuff to eat including my moms gluten free meatloaf.

Me: no this is fine
Dad: do you need some money?
Me: no. I'm just going home after work. I'll be fine.
Dad: what if you want to get a soda out of the machine?
Me: I have change. Just no real money.
Dad: well do you need some money?
Me: no dad. It's fine.
Dad: do you have gas?
Me: yes dad, I got some night before last. I'll be fine.

So I made it back to work on time. Got home without any issues. I was going to go to Safeway for Paul as it's lazy bear weekend here, but he was on his own.

Did I mention my dad has a sweet handlebar mustache?

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