Sunday, February 8, 2009

8086 at pier 23

Tanya and Andrew

So last night Pauls band played in SF. I love Pier 23 because the band plays outside and I can smoke. It was a private party so I managed to talk my mom into going so I didn't have to sit there by myself like a total loser.

Patrick and Paul

My mom swilling champagne

Me probably complaining

Paul in his super hot My-Chemical-Romance-Pants

The band was great as usual and the crowd totally loved them. Paul and I were both totally sick, I don't know how he managed to play for almost 4 hours. He didn't jump around as much, poor thing. My mom is the hugest fan of the band...I wrote the words down to "Major Tom" so she could sing along to the chorus. We drank a bottle of champagne and hid in the corner laughing at really drunk people.

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