Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home alone and I'm freezing my ass off

So Paul's attending work meetings this week. He's gone until Thursday night super late. I hate being home by myself.

I had all these great plans last night when I got home. Work on Barbies, xmas gifts, be the bad cop to the dogs. It was just too effing cold. I got permission at work to leave on time this week (that means 11pm) so I can do the nightly pokey time thing that's normally Paul's job.

I may have mentioned that I'm not the best driver in the world. It's a 30 minute drive home from work on windy country roads. I kept thinking "black ice...I'm gonna die!" all white knuckled at 10 and 2 the whole way home. Nothing happened and it was almost warm inside when I got here. We have propane heat (and just a wall heater at that) and I'm loath to use it due to the outrageous cost. I did set it to kick on at 60 so the dogs wouldn't be frozen little turds. Our bedroom is usually heated by one of those portable electric heaters. I turned it on when I came in and it said it was 47 degrees. In my house! Never registered more than 54 last night. I even left it on when I was sleeping which I hate because not only do I have weird ass dreams, but my eyes get all dried out and generally I'm just miserable. I slept in a hoodie with a scarf wrapped around my head. I was too cold to do anything but shop last night and I got Paul some super fabulous stuff. I wanted to get him a tshirt made that said " I fucking toad a so!" but then couldn't decide. I did get him one that someone else had designed that said "Freedom 35" and I'm sure he'll like that.

But I didn't get any crafting done because I was too cold and grumpy. I stayed up until 4 am anyway. Sucks.

In other news...I finished the first cross stitch I've done in years! I was inspired by beefranck's song lyric sampler which you can see here. She graciously let me buy the pattern for her hell sampler and I'm freaking so excited to start working on it. Don't be jealous.

This was a custom order for Heather over at CoffinCritters . She wanted a present for her boyfriend who is a pixies fan with no wall space. I immediately thought Pixies lyrics magnet for the fridge. She wanted lighting bolts on it. Here's the preview

and here is the finished magnet

I hope he likes it. It was nice to get back into cross stitch again. It takes a long ass time, but I remembered why I loved it so much.


  1. !!! I've thought of stitching that line myself! I LOVE IT. :)

  2. Thank you, nice lady! I would like to do one with these lyrics for myself, but maybe with some severed limbs and stuff...

  3. Poor girl, I feel your pain, our heater stopped working and it was -32 yesterday. :(