Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The River or Why I'm Not At Work Today

So we live near the river in this tiny resort town. In the summer, its full of sunburnt drunk tourists who invariably end up drowning in a few feet of water. Well, not all of them, but at least one per holiday weekend.
Anyway, as you may know, we've had some crazy storms out here in California for the last week or two. I've been rocking my sweet hot pink Ed Hardy rain boots like crazy!

Our town is known for flooding when the river gets too high. It hasn't flooded here since we moved back from Nashville, but I've been compulsively checking the river levels every hour for the last week. Last night it rose 10 feet in about 6 hours. My boss took pity on me and let me go home on time. Today it stopped raining, but the river is still rising. I called work and they suggested I stay home (!). Paul's on his way back home now. He wanted me to go to the store and get some supplies.

Me: What should I get?

P: get some soup and some donuts

Me: and some chips. What are we going to do with soup?

So this is what I ended up getting.

Yes, I probably can't be trusted to get supplies in the event of an actual emergency. But at least I'll have some champagne. Damn, I should have got some instant coffee.

On my way back home I stopped and took a bunch of pictures. This is the local beach.

I also sent this photo to the local news station as they only show people's stupid weather photos and never air any actual news.

Meanwhile I keep hearing this effed up barking noise from the trees. I'm all "what the hell kind of bird sounds that retarded?"

This kind...I think I pissed him off.

So I left and drove around some more taking more pictures.

I'm not sure if this is some sort of sacrifice pit or a bbq or an abandoned chimney.

This is the river from the pedestrian bridge.

A lot of the houses around here are on stilts. I've always wondered at this lawn furniture set up. This is right down the street from us.

I wonder what that gazebo is nailed down with.

So I'll just be here all day. Eating donuts and drinking champagne (after 5pm of course) and watching the water rise. I think we have an inflatable raft upstairs in case of emergency. Wish me luck!


  1. Ugh that's scary! I hope you guys don't float away

  2. Ahhhhh, Northern California! How I love thee.
    My hubby and I drove around your neck of the woods yesterday looking at all the water. He lived out that way when it flooded really bad a few years ago,you must not have moved back yet. On river road near the Hacienda Bridge the water was all the way up on the road and Korbel was completely under water! So, now we like to dirve around and reminisce about the winter we almost floated away.

    It's a good thing you added Champagne to the supply list, you're a wise lady.

  3. Good choices! Because when the flood comes the disaster relief will all be basic food and water so better enjoy yourself now! hee hee Hope it doesn't come!

  4. Erin- luckily the water has receded and the raft won't be needed. I was going to but life vests for all the dogs last summer, but they were like $24 and they wanted all the dogs measurements and stuff so I was like "oh well, I'll figure it out later. Maybe we can just float them around in plastic buckets or something"

    Mafiosa- We moved back a month or so after the last flood. I remember the ones in 95 and 86. Can you believe I couldn't find a damn picture of the purple dinosaur up to its neck in water? I mean, thats a staple of flood reporting in these parts!

    Hexotica- Good to know! I'll have to tell Paul how practical I am! We already had tons of water and dog food.