Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemon's tree

So this is the second time in 3 days that our dumb ass cat, Lemon Domingo, has been stuck in this tree in our backyard. The last time she was up there overnight as we didn't realize she was missing until I got home from work.
I wasn't too concerned at first. I figured she was a cat and if she could figure out how to get up there , she could figure out how to get back down. Then I read all this horrible stuff on the Internet about cats that had been stuck in trees for 8 days and then finally fell out as dead, dehydrated carcasses. I couldn't sleep after that. I felt like such a bad parent. The next morning Paul went out and climbed the tree to get her. He stuffed her in a pet carrier bag and she peed on him on the way down.
I thought she had learned her lesson. She escaped out the back door when Paul let the dogs out to yesterday morning. At pokey time she was no where to be found and sure enough, as soon as I opened the back door, I could hear her crying.
"your cat is stuck in the tree again" I told Paul. He's really too old to be climbing 30 feet in trees with a yowling cat on his back. But he managed to do it again anyway, although he complained the whole time about invisible bruises on his shins. He really loves that cat. He's my hero.-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Lol. Silly puss! That's a pretty dumb cat.

  2. I love this entry so much. Especially the part where Paul got peed on!

  3. When Paul climbs the tree the next time to rescue the cat why doesn't he leave a bowl of water and some dry kibble? Then the cat can stay up there a few days without you feeling guilty ;) j/k