Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anne Boleyn Zombie

Anne is my latest My Pretty Zombie doll. She has been a huge ass pain...I spent days searching the Internet for a period outfit. After some research and checking all my normal barbie clothes venues, I discovered the Barbie Princesses of the World collection. The England princess had the right clothes, but was super pricey. I found one on ebay not in the box and anxiously awaited her arrival. I had another Barbie set aside to be Anne. She was a brunette with jointed wrists that I thought would be perfect for holding a severed head. I just needed the dress.
When the princess Barbie arrived, I found that the bitch was sewn into the clothes! Damn expensive-ass-just-for-show collector barbies!
I spent another week trying to figure out what I was going to do. I couldn't fully paint her or use the body I wanted because I couldn't take her clothes off. And she was a blond. I thought about dying her hair, but then I couldn't take her clothes off.
So I switched heads.
Removing barbies head seems simple, but actually its got this pronged pokey device holding it on. Probably born out of necessity due to evil brothers everywhere.
From the little I've learned about barbies I knew that boiling water solves everything so I tried that first. It was magic!
Then with the new head attached, I attempted to sever it at the neck. I have giant scissors that work great for cutting off limbs and such, but they didn't do crap for cutting off a head. I tried using a serrated steak knife and that didn't work either.
So basically, I whined for a week until my husband got out the hack saw and cut it off for me.
Now shes done. And doesn't she look pretty?

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