Wednesday, January 21, 2009


These are my dogs...Lula, Oni, and Chico/Sammy. Lula is 13, diabetic and generally very unpleasant to be around. Chico we got from someone who didn't want him anymore. He was already named Chico when we got him, but we started calling him Sammy Seizure when he started having random fits a few years later. He also answers to Mr. Awesome or Jackass. He's 12. Paul pretends to bite me and Sammy loses it...hes all barking and back hair. Paul thinks this is tremendously funny, but I can only take so much loud shrill noise. I'm always the bad cop in our house.
Oni we got from the shelter. Its right by my work and I HAD to stop that day and see this poor, sad, shaking sack leaning up against the fence. I can't believe I fell for that act. She's 4 and loves squeaking toys against your face. Shes also afraid of cameras so not to0 many pictures of her and her hi-jinks.

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