Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up

Geez...Its been awhile. The weeks after Labor day mean a back log of specimens at work like you would not believe. I haven't even had the time to be disdainful of people still wearing white shoes.

The last two weeks have been kind of a painful blur. Lots of OT and nights with little sleep. I hardly have seen that hot guy that I live with. Been slacking on new crafting, my team jobs, watching gross movies, and responding to my friends calls and emails. I have been keeping up with my complaining though. Don't worry about that.

The highlight at work was weird pee I got sometime last week. I didn't take a picture because it was the smell that was unusual. It smelled delightful. Like putting too much vanilla in chocolate chip cookie dough and eating it out of the bowl delightful. I passed it around and we decided we wanted to track down this person and rub all over them. It wasn't really pee, it was perfume as the test would later show. I still would like to know what brand. It was magical.

(If you haven't seen the movie/read the book "Perfume", I must insist you do so.)

Anyway, one more example of weird things people do. If it is the same color as pee, they think it will pass as pee. It's always meet with some uncertainty though when someone says "OMG smell this!"

I did managed to squeeze in a great b movie called "Hell's Ground". It's a Pakistani Zombie movie and everything I expected it would be and more. We also saw Final Destination in 3d which was awesome and sent me into a panic during the car ride home. Paul teased me relentlessly, of course. I'm plenty scared enough of escalators and car washes already, I don't need to be worried about dying doing those things anymore than I already do. Oh and those moving walk ways, get the eff out. Whats more embarrassing than being a grown ass woman clinging to the railing and then hopping/stumbling like a toddler at the end?

Anyway, I guess that covers everything. I'll try and do something interesting this weekend to talk about.



  1. thanks, Jamie! You know how I love Blabbing about pee!

  2. Magical perfume pee! I love starting my day with this kind of post! :) Also, I completely agree about those moving walkways-absolute death trap waiting to happen. Someone evil invented those...(not a small amount of evil like you, but a big amount-just to clarify). ;)