Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Pee Testers Go on Safari

So my work occasionally takes us on these fun and exciting outings. Well, normally it's baseball games and I would rather get poked in the eye with a stick than sit through one of those things. I'm not good with what they call "participating". When they decided to take us to the local zoo/wildlife preserve/breeding facility, I was slightly more interested. We were able to bring a guest, drive our own car (important so I could bolt out of there if my social anxiety started acting up) and they were serving lunch. So I was like "What the eff? I'll get up early on a Sunday"

But I hate being outside.

But I love pointing.

Paul (calling the Giraffe) : Here Kitty, Kitty!
Me : I don't think it's going to answer.
Paul (totally ignoring me): Kitty, Kitty?
Me: You can't call everything "kitty, kitty". Someone is going to hear you and think you're a crazy person.
Lunch was delightful. I love Cesar salad.

We crammed onto the tour trolley and I attempted to be joyful.

This is more realistic. It was hot as eff and I was starting to get grumpy.
This cheered me up considerably. I was screaming "OMG he's PEEING!" Paul was already taking a picture, bless his heart.
The animals were so used to people driving around in there. This giraffe had his ass nonchalantly planted practically inside the jeep.

After the driving tour, we made our escape. Don't know what this guy is. None of the cages had any information on them. I think some kind of bush baby. Paul thinks a badger.
We stopped and got a sweet tea on the way home and then I squeezed in a nap before doing some Barbie crap. Weekends are too dang short.


  1. Haha! Thanks! Almost as hot as you and Henry! I love your sassy myspace photos.