Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Mitzi!

Super excited to get my first diorama in forever listed. Etsy only lets you use 5 photos per listing so I thought I would share some here!
Mitzi Before: Her dreamy lingerie was created by my friend Susan at MiniCouture . If you haven't visited her shop yet, you really need to check it out. Her Barbie clothes are beautiful and painstakingly stitched by hand.

Mitzi After: I want to add that I went to the True Value and picked out all these screws, clamps and bolts BY MYSELF!

I love vintage dresser caddies and that was part of my inspiration for this piece. Although Paul thinks the drawer is too small for a wallet, you could totally put your change and watch in it. Or any unmentionables that you don't want your mom to see.

And I just put my iphone in it and it totally fits!


  1. Well. I would say I love it, but..Okay, I love it!!! Thanks so much for the mention. I've had some traffic tonight. You Rock!

  2. Yay Susan! I'm glad you know how guilty I feel sending you all these gross pictures...but never bad about sending you traffic!