Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is what I did yesterday

Paul went on a rafting trip this weekend. So I was home alone again. Been spending far too much time in my house skulking around and trying to do things left handed, yelling at the pets and drinking too much coffee.
I did just buy the new Danko Jones Album which is rocking me out so hard I can barely type.
Anyway, I have had all these plans to start a My Pretty Zombie Cosmetic line. Because I have a huge problem with make up. And shoes. I love eyeshadow almost as much as I love zombies so I figured I could combine the two. Here's a photo at my attempt at making lipstick:

Before you laugh too hard...I'm blaming this on my crap arm...C'mon I can pour pee all day and hardly ever get any on me.

The Lipstick didn't turn out so great color wise. Looks fabulous in the tube, but once you put it on, its almost colorless. The girls at work and my sister loved it though. The consistency and the smell are fabulous so the next batch will be clear with multi colored glitter. You can use it as a top coat for that super hot "it looks like I'm drooling" effect.

After this disastrous mess that Paul mostly cleaned up, I decided to put off the eyeshadow thing until he was out of town. Yesterday I dragged out all the crap and these are a few of the colors I came up with:

These are 8 of them. I made 12. I'm thinking I'll sell them in sets of 3. They're all named after My Pretty Zombie Dolls.

Luckily I have some VERY nice friends who have volunteered to be my test subjects so I don't have to chase the dogs around shoving this crap in their eyes. After I get their feedback, I'll have some up in my shop!

Other stuff I've been working on that will be listed in the next week: A new slutty nurse and stewardess zombies. Also the diorama that Paul and I have been collaborating on. It's the grossest Zombie I've ever done and I'm super excited to get it listed. It's all done except for final gluing and bloody-ing up. maybe tomorrow? Here's a sneak peek:

This is a picture I took of Paul taking a picture of it. He's so proud of his lighting and wiring and all that electronical stuff. He keeps saying stuff like " make sure you tell them that all the points are hand soldered!"
So now you know.

Today I'm listing gift certifcates and girly tees if I can make it through without my computer crashing. I'm about to throw it through a window for reals.

I'll keep you posted on the eyeshadow reviews. Can hardly wait...going to tart myself up right now! Yay!

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  1. I can't wait to test these out for you! And that's a good idea for the lipstick - I'm glad you're not 86'ing that idea altogether!

    I'll write a big review on my blog once I try 'em out!