Sunday, June 6, 2010


I got my new button maker yesterday and it rules so hard! I made 30 buttons and only one of them was effed up. Fantastic! Made a bunch with my broken animals on them that I will be listing in my shop. I just want to make a button of everything now. Paul suggested something about squirrels not being good at oil changes. Seems like a worthy sentiment. The best part is that i can do it left handed! May not seem that exciting, but there's not much I can do with my jenky right arm anymore. Still waiting for my robot arm with wheel attachment. Someday.
So I was all excited about these buttons I made. Paul had to ruin my day by telling me I couldn't wear it to work because it was "too negative". Meh

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  1. Damn and I just ordered some buttons off etsy last nite.... next time they will be from you! I've always wanted a button maker, I would def make one for every occasion. Hmmmmm, I see a custom order or two in my future. Can you guess what I'm thinking?

  2. I didn't really start off wanting one, but Paul talked me into it. I like the 1.25 inch buttons but for some reason hardly anyone on etsy makes that size! I had more fun, I swear. And don't worry, Paul already designed some TPB ones. I just have to wait for him to print them out...arrrr. "let's go, smokes." is def one of them.