Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sad News

We found out on Monday after a hectic emergency vet visit that Lula has bladder cancer. It is terminal and she has weeks or months at most. Right now we're just doing our best to keep her comfortable. She still loves to eat. And bark. She's still peeing and drinking tons of water. The vet says when she stops doing any of these things to let them know right away.
I've been trying to prepare myself for this for awhile now. She is 14, diabetic, blind, and senile. She's always been a huge ass pain, for proof read this post from last year.

Our whole lives have revolved around her insulin injection schedule for the last 4 years (also known as "pokey time"). Things are going to be so different without her. So now we're just in the watching and waiting pattern and looking at all these old pictures is making me really sad. Going to give her a hug and please give your evil animals a hug from me too.


  1. Fuck. Being a pet owner is really shitty at times, isn't it? Such sad news to have to hear, even if you have been bracing for it. I'm so sorry. I hope it's quick for her;(

    (Completely crying over here.)

  2. Thanks for the love and support. I'm completely crying over here too. I've been kind of a mess all week and couldn't really decide if I even wanted to post about it. I'm glad I did.

  3. So sorry to hear about your baby dog. I hope the time you have left with her is as long and full of love as you all deserve.

  4. I'm sorry to hear this Mrs. Evils. I hope you can continue to give Lula your care and love for as long as is possible.

  5. Thank you everyone for your support. She's always been kind of a grumpy old lady even when she was little so we try to squeeze the love in whenever we can.

  6. I am so sorry :(
    I send eHugs.