Monday, October 18, 2010

Watching yourself on TV is very unnerving

I don't know if I blabbed about this here.
God knows my facebook and text messages for the last month have revolved around my hoping to not dry heave/fall down/ look like a total jackass on TV.
So for those of you just catching up, I sent an email a few months back to one of my favorite shows that shows old bad horror movies split up with interludes of the hosts ( a demon and a zombie) trading casual banter about the badness of said movie. Lots of drinking and scantily clad chicks.
I thought maybe they could interview me with my barbies as they often have other artsy type segments. I didn't hear back for awhile. And I was totally butthurt. And then the producer wrote me saying he loved the barbies and wanted me to come down on the 18th of Sepember for a taping.
So then I went into full on panic mode. Holy shit, I was going to be on TV! What if I didn't have enough barbies to take? What if I sounded like a total asshole? What the eff was I going to wear?!?
Because I'm such a huge ass fan, I made My Pretty Zombie Dolls of the hosts to give to them. I thought they turned out pretty well.

Paul went with me to the taping. I was unusually calm considering the fact I've been known to cry before craft shows.
Everyone was so nice!

This picture cracks me up. Everyone was busy taking pictures of the barbies and I look like the anxious mom sending the kid off for the first day of school.

NoName and Balrok seemed to love their dolls!

I was so nervous for the actual taping that I wasn't quite exactly what I said, so I've been agonizing about that. I had to wait a whole month for my episode to air. To make matters worse, we were going to be in Florida for an award dinner for Paul. Everyone else was going to see it before me!

Last night we got back and immediately past out due to lack of sleep and crazy Florida shenanigans (more on this later). About 10:30 I finally worked up the nerve to put the movie on. And guess what? Only the last hour of the show recorded due to our crappy ass satellite box needing to be reset. I was on in the first 30 minutes. WTF? I tried not to come unglued and frantically texted Shannon to find out if
A. she had saved the movie
B. if she was even still awake
C. if we could come over and watch it so I didn't die

It was a yes for everything, so we drove over there ( I was in my pajamas) to watch my big tv debut.
Believe it or not it turned out really well. My eyeshadow was super sparkly, I seemed super calm and collected (don't know how that happened) and best of all I didn't look ten pounds heavier! As soon as I figure out how to post it to YouTube, I'll post the whole interview for you. In the meantime, here's the trailer for the show.

Special Thanks to Henry for posting this link for me on facebook as I couldn't do it from my phone on Saturday. Also for that Fabulous first picture here of my favorite Zombie Doll, HenryWinkle watching me on TV.

EDIT: Alot of my work kids watched it and have been teasing me relentlessly about curtsy-ing. Also the general concensus was that I did look ten pounds heavier (sigh)


  1. You're not only funny, but really cool! ;)

  2. Awww, thanks for saying so! It makes me feel better after getting teased unmercifully today at work about my TV curtsy (sigh)

  3. Hey that is way cool! I look forward to seeing your entire interview when you get it up on Youtube.


    You really do look like an anxious mom in that picture! It made me laugh and say "Awww!" at the same time.

    I can't even tell you how proud I am to know you. I'm so glad you had the balls to seize the day like that. You are seriously the coolest lady I know and I'm not even close to lying about that. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    OMG I'm tearing up as I type this - look at what you've done to me! Lol.

  5. OMG don't cry! You'll get me going! Thanks for all your love and support through the process! You were my biggest cheerleader!