Friday, December 17, 2010

Danko Jones

My favorite band ever. But everyone knows how much I love all things Canadian. Got to leave work early to go see them last night. Also got harassed by a cigar wielding douche bag in a mis matched suit about how a girl as beautiful as me should never have to buy a drink. Then the conversation spiraled in a bizarre direction with him begging Paul to just hit him first and how he hurt his knee being a cook and an airborne ranger. I wish I had videotaped that whole convo.
Lots of people there for the two opening bands. Everyone was gone by the time Danko got on stage. People just missed out on getting their asses rocked off.

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  1. That's so insulting when people don't stay for the opening band! Henry and I went to see Circa Survive when they were just getting started and the guys next to us at the bar were like, "I don't know who the fuck these guys are so let's go" because they were just there to see one of the other bands. I talked them into staying, and now Circa Survive is pretty well-known so those fuckers should thank me!

    Anyway - did you have the best time ever?!