Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday in general

So it's raining outside. Paul is still sleeping, so I can't really start crafting or putting orders together yet.
I have a bunch of custom zombies to start. Other ones I haven't finished.
Feeling so lazy and sleepy all the time. Could have gone to a crop circle seminar if not for my fear of being around strangers in a car for any length of time.
I made two new eyeshadows last night for the darksider collection. Now I just have to send them off and wait for approval.
Other than that, yesterday was unproductive too. Although Paul made me an awesome egg sandwich for dinner.
I'm feeling like I'm so selfish with my time. My job is so physically and emotionally draining. When I'm not there, all I want to do is tune out and sleep.
I'm sure it's part of my depression. I just have such a hard time accomplishing anything. Even little stuff like returning phone calls or balancing my checkbook.

So I guess I'm kind of whiny today. I want some time off and to quit my job. And to stop being the the one that has all the answers.

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  1. I felt that way when I worked all the time. Exactly the same. I figured out what I really needed over what I just wanted in my life and decided to stick to that as much as possible to free myself. I stopped buying what I couldn't pay up front for, clipped the credit cards and threw them away. I shop wiser. Downsized my life in order to not be unhappy anymore. It could work for anyone :) Life is too short to be unhappy hon!

  2. Ditto on the phone call thing! I hope you get back into your groove. I look forward to seeing your new custom zombie pieces. Your work rocks! :)