Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ghosts and home alone-ing it

So Paul has been in Florida for a work thing the past few days. Even though I have enormous piles of things to do, I'd rather sit around and bemoan my loneliness.
Last night Clint and I were texting and discussing ghost hunting.
I mentioned that I had noticed earlier when I had let the dogs out to pee, that all the patio furniture had been rearranged.
I know our back yard is not accessible. I certainly wasn't out there having a drunk furniture party. Clint suggested I put on Spanish tv to calm my really works!
Anyway, I got another text from him tonight asking about the ghostly furniture moving.
I went out back to take a picture for evidence...
OMG is that an ORB?!?
I'm never going outside again!

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  1. Omg! Thats scary, LOL about the spanish tv :) works for me all the time!!! try singing... if you dont like singing than stick with the tv :P

  2. Yes, singing is not one of those things I do well.

  3. Maybe it's just zombies rearranging your furnitures out there. LOL.

  4. I saw a pic of my friends at the beach at night and there were so many orbs and in some we saw faces, how creepy is that!! Btw I love your blog!