Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sleep deprived for reals

I am on a 4 day very little sleep bender. There is a flu plague of zombie like proportions sweeping through the lab. 5 of my 12 work kids have drs notes for the entire week. We still have to get it all finished before we leave. I'm exhausted and grumpy and snuck out to smoke.
On an unrelated subject, I'm totally in love with my hipstamatic camera app. It makes even me look like herb ritts.
I only use this to take photos now. When I show them to Paul all excited by my artsy ness. He says " what is the real camera on that thing broken?"
He doesn't get ART!

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  1. I feel you on the whole artsy thing :) my friends simply don't understand what i see in amazing pictures and things i show them, but don't worry there are plenty of people who think it looks pretty awesome!!!