Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zombie Killer Pendant


I have too many barbies....sacrifices had to be made. I will soon have even more headless extremity -less barbie torsos laying around. That will be a different project.

So not only are these totally awesome, but I also believe they are good luck as I have only been getting good news while wearing mine.

I had wanted to put fabric as the background, but as I suck at cutting in a straight line, it looked like doody. So I painted them instead. I used a sparkley pigment and layers of sealant so they kind of look like abalone.

While waiting for these to dry this weekend, I was working on a new zombie. This is the conversation that Paul and I had:

Me: You know Livor Mortis, right?
Paul (making a sandwich) What?
Me: its when you die and all the blood settles to the lowest portion of your body
Paul: yeah
Me: What color do you think it is?
Paul: What?
Me: I you think its red, or purple or purple red, or blue?
Paul: Why are you asking me? Shouldn't you know?
Granted a do watch a lot of what Paul calls "murder" on TV, but those are mostly reenactments.
I tried looking it up on Wikipedia, but no photos. After wading through tons of a band called Lividity's photos, I found one tiny picture.
It looks mostly red to me.

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