Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Job In Real Life

So some of you know that this is what I do at my day job...I'm the night supervisor in a toxicology lab....I test pee for drugs. I spend half the day pouring from bigger jars into little tiny cups to run on a giant analyzer.
this is where you don't want to stick your face.

end of the night...these are all full of pee

These are the evil sisters. They're like the kids I never had. I had to tell them to stop hitting each other long enough to take this picture. They ask me important non work related questions like " Is a barracuda a snake or a fish?" and "why can't pregnant people drink coffee or dye their hair?" They draw me weird pictures on post its.
One of them was also the inspiration for this Work Haiku
She says "Is this poop?"
I won't look in specimens
I say "go ask Mike"
I was hoping to get some pictures of some really icky pee, but of course on the day I bring my camera, I didn't really see any. Plus I didn't want to touch my camera with dirty gloves...eeww.

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