Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day one part three

Paul was completely wound up about some tree you could drive through and something else with no description called confusion hill.
It took us another few hours to get there. I had no service and couldn't find them, but luckily there were huge signs directing us to the drive through tree. He almost crashed the car in his haste to get to it. Luckily, they were open until 8 or I think Paul would have lost it. The helpfully gate attendant traded man banter with Paul while he took our 5 bucks. He mentioned that we could drive through the tree as MANY times as we wanted before 8 o'clock. And also there was a gift shop. Nice.
Paul was freaking out as we approached the tree.

Then he made me get out of the car and stand at the other end so I could take pictures of him driving through it.

He just barely cleared it. He was like a giddy school girl.
Went into the gift shop which was jam packed with things made of Burl and assorted tackiness. I bought a few postcards and a sweet ass magnet for our fridge.
Paul tried to get the ancient ill tempered woman working there to tell us about confusion hill. She said it was closed ( for the night or forever I'm not sure) and denied ever being there although she had lived in that town her whole life.
Paul was determined to find it anyway. I made him drive through the tree again before we left seems how I had missed it the first time. I tried to get him to drive through backwards and he flat out refused.

So we kept driving looking for confusion hill, still unsure of what it actually was.
Stopped to take pictures of a treehouse

I was pretty sick of trees and things made from trees and into trees. Eff.
Confusion hill was just around the bend and it was indeed closed. Drove through the parking lot.

I still have no idea what it is, but there was lots of weird shit out front.

Another house made out of a tree. This tine in shoe form.

I hate pandas!

The giant pointy finger was kinda cool.

Across the street was a very creepy motel/ cabin/campground. There were dogs and chickens wandering through the front office. I wanted to stay there, but Paul insisted we could make it to eureka. It was only a few hours away. I was starting to get grumpy/hungry.

Made it to eureka and I was too tired to push for a creepy hotel. Stated at the super 8 which is creepy in it's own way when you check in at 11 pm. There was unlimited hot water though.
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  1. LOL I've been to that tree, when I was little my dad took me to fish place where you could fish and they had newts, and he stopped at that tree along the way. I don't think he was that excited about it though. XD I now need to look up confusion hill and see what the hell it is, because now I'm curious. I like weird spooky things like that. At least reading about them. XD

  2. I am so jealous of your tree driving and the creepy baby!

  3. man Ive always wanted to drive under that tree! lucki lucki jejeje :)

  4. God, I wish I was with you guys! That drive-thru tree looks so bad ass.

    I wonder if Confusion Hill is the same thing as our Gravity Hill, where you put your car in neutral and instead of drifting backward down the hill, you go forward?