Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day one Thursday

So wednesday night I was practically dying to get out of work early.
I whined and cried until my boss relented, but not before calling me an "unreliable asshole" for being so woefully unprepared for our vacation. I still had to pack, package up the last of my orders, make an effing bone etc.
I was up until 4:30 anyway.
Paul wanted to get an early start, but he didn't wake up until 10! By the time we left town, it was 1 o'clock.
And so it begins, our first stop: starbucks. I put way too much sugar in mine and only took little sips out of guilt for the next four hours. I also had a breakfast sandwich. Paul had nothing because, as you all already know, he never eats.
We headed north.
My sweet roadside attraction app had alerted me to the fact that there was a plaque commemorating prostitutes in Ukiah. This moved to the top of my "must see" list.
In high school, it was common knowledge that Ukiah was the Satanist capital of the world. I'm not sure how accurate of a fact that is, or what other cities it beat out for the title.
Just so you know.
The app only gave vague directions to the plaque. Only that was between so and so street on a rock in front of a building. We found it right away and it was awesome!

Just spent 2 hours writing all this shit down and it didn't save.
Totally pissed, more later

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  1. Aww :( I hope as time goes by you have a better vacation jeje i totally feel you on the coffee thing, i hate it when that happens grr... anyways have loads of fun <3

  2. Havanas! I'm so glad that you're taking this trip. I hope it proves to be a huge de-stresser!

    Can't wait to read more, and keep sending me pictures!

  3. LOL Awesome. Except the too sweet coffee & blogger eating your first post, of course :D

  4. I have only met one person from Ukiah and only driven past it while heading to various ocean spots. The person by the way happened to be VERY schizo and I was required to transport them in my car and out in the community in my car. It. was. not. fun. Have fun on your trip!!!!!!