Monday, June 15, 2009

why kids shouldn't play with hot glue guns

I've got a matching one on the other hand. Luckily, I've got really icky callouses from opening thousands of pee jars every day, or it would have been worse. I was planning on making new huge bug hair things yesterday too. (sigh) Paul was outside picking up poop when I did this. Somehow, he didn't hear me screaming the eff word over and over again. When he came back inside, his assessment was that we should put butter on it.
Finally stopped hurting...this photo is 24 hours later. I'm a little worried about work today. But at least I can freak people out with it.
Cheering me up from being all blistery...I'm shop of the week on the etsydarkteam myspace! Also showing me some love is my favorite hair flower maker and darling teammate
jammerdesignz who featured me on her blog yesterday. I feel like a zombie princess! You guys are the greatest! Thanks for cheering me up! Hugs!


  1. I hear ya with those glue blisters... yeeeeoych!!!! I have done that more than I'd like to admit.... ANd like an idiot I usually finish glueing before I run and peel it off! hahaha Put some aquaphor on it, it'll do wonders. And you are more than welcome about the feature! I &hearts your shop too!

  2. hahaha...i have those same fingers and i think it is pretty funy that we all do the same f-word rant!!! my dog thinks that glue guns are called F-me!!!