Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just checking in...

It's been awhile...crazy ass few weeks at work, at home, on the team. I'm freaking exhausted!

Heres an update...

While reading my fabulous teammate Illustratedink's Blog about her super adorable new kitten, I figured I should blog about mine!

This is Lemon Domingo.

My favorite name of all time that I've seen on pee. I tell everyone that if we ever had a baby, thats what we would name it.

Oni is so butthurt about not being the center of attention. This is the first frontal picture of her that I've ever taken. She normally hides as soon as we get the camera out

Lemon is totally sweet. She is not at all afraid of the dogs. She is the new boss around here.

And I finally got to catch up on all my "So you think you can dance" episodes. Oh, how I love that show.

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