Friday, August 21, 2009

Lula and other stuff that's stressing me out

I've being feeling all "Meh" lately. Work has been kicking my ass and inviting my bff tendinitis to stay and hang out for awhile. I feel like a crippled old lady when I drag my ass home at night. Paul's been out of town for the last 2 nights. Work crap. Too far to drive to and still get to sleep. I hate being home by myself. I'm usually the bad cop in our dog/parent relationship and they're not at all stoked that Daddys not here. I'm not at all stoked to clean up MORE pee when I get home.
Excessive peeing and drinking are some of the signs of diabetes and how Lula was first diagnosed 3 years ago. After her major dental surgery(18 teeth removed) earlier this year, she hasn't really been the same. Her vision is almost completly gone. She also seems confused and disoriented. Although never the niciest dog under normal circumstances, she lashes out at everything and nothing. We constantly have to break up scary snarling fights between her and Oni.
We took Lula and Lemon to the vet this weekend. Lemon got the last of her shots and Lula got a very expensive fructosimine test which just told us what we already knew. She needed her insulin increased.
Im not sure how I feel about this vet. Anythings better than the local guy, but they sometimes seem like all they're doing is wringing money out of you, and making you feel like a bad pet parent if you feel like YOU can tell when your dog needs an insulin increase. "you need this $100 test to tell for sure" I think I blame them for her mental downturn. I'm sure it's not really their fault, but since the dental, she's getting harder and harder to live with. Now we're cleaning up pee if we're only gone for 2 hours. Sometimes she makes it to the pee pads and somtimes not. I know now which way the house leans.
She's still excited as hell to eat. Still wags her stump all happy when she eventually finds gramma when she comes over.
I wish there was more I could do.

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  1. Mrs. Evils: so sorry for you pet trouble. I know how hard it is when a pet /friend is failing. Went through much the same a couple of years ago with an english setter, True. It just makes for a real, extended crap time. Nothing makes it better but time. Oh, and PS: you will always feel frustrated by how little you can do, even when you are doing everything. -- Mykal

  2. Aw man, sorry to hear about Lula. Sucks when the hubs isn't there when you already feel crappy.

    Right there with ya, Lance has been excessively drinking and peeing in the house if we are gone more than 3 hours, his eye sight is failing...had every test done under the sun, we thought diabetes or kidney problems..nothing..they said dogs just get in those "habits". What frickin' habits? Wait, what? Ugh.

  3. Thanks for the support you guys, it helps to know that I'm not the only one going through this crap. Hugs.

  4. My cat mauser had this crazy tooth thing going on. One of the vets we had to deal with was evil. Our current one is good you can see the concern in her eyes and she always goes over every single option. All the cheap ones and all the expensive ones.

    If you feel like they are wringing money out of you or if they just feel skeezy then they probably are. I would say get a new vet, you should never feel guilt. That's just wrong and not fair for you or for your pet

    Story about the evil here

  5. katrink-I effing love that story...I should have looked it up last night to cheer me up. $70 for a vet tech to fart in your presence. What a deal. I miss reading about your hijinx, you evil minx. Where you been?

  6. I went on technology hiatus. :P
    No etsy stuff, no posting, procrastinating work. (sooo bad)

  7. I love black kitties. So pretty.