Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Madonna and Child Zombie Doll and other Fabulousness!

So I'm super excited about tons of things this week. On Sunday I finished and listed my Zombie Madonna and Baby Jesus. I'm so happy with how she turned out!

In other more exciting news, Erin over at Somnambulant interviewed me for her blog! If you're not sick of me going on and on about pee yet, check it out here. If you're not already following her blog, then you should be. I'm convinced its the only thing worth reading.

Pauls band played at the Rock It room on Saturday night. Before the show we stopped over at LovedtoDeath's retail store on Haight Street. My late birthday present from Paul? I could pick out anything I wanted (squee!) After milling about and whining for ages because I couldn't decide, I settled on this.

I've been a huge fan of theirs for ages and it was so great to get to meet them in person. Audra and Brennan are delightful. I don't think I could ever own enough of their jewelry.

The show itself was pretty fun, a pretty big crowd. I'm convinced the cider must have been non alcoholic as I had 3 with no effects other than having to struggle continuously with my outfit from having to pee so many times.

Now I've got a long ass work week ahead of me. Anything exciting going on with you guys?


  1. Not a damn thing, but such is married life down in the "hollar". hahaha.
    That necklace is freakin awesome, and I swear
    I could go on all damn day about your Madonna piece.

  2. that was a birthday gift worth waiting for!!

    i LOVE your madonna! she's terrific!

  3. Thanks! I've been wearing my new necklace to work everyday waiting for someone to freak out about it but no one has noticited. Or they've just given up on commenting on my weirdness because they know it only encourages me.

  4. Of my freaking heavens, I think I love you! That is the coolest doll I have ever seen!!