Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Birthday

Its coming up in about a month. I'm going to be 35. I've been practicing saying it for about 8 months now, as in someone asks how old I am and I say " almost 35". I pretty much skipped 34 altogether.
I decided that this year, I wanted to have a huge party. I haven't had any kind of birthday thing since I was 16. In years past, I've mostly spent my birthdays drinking girly drinks out of ceramic pandas in Vegas. But Its really effing hot there in July and I hate flying and traveling and packing and dealing with people.
The most important aspect of my dream party was getting my husbands band to play. They hardly ever play locally and most of my friends/family have never gotten to see how effing great they are.
Finding an appropriate venue was also an issue. Someplace that you can have booze and a band thats not already booked for a wedding on a summer weekend.
And then I realized the best place to have a party is right down the street from my house!

This is pee wee golf...they use the purple dinosaur as a measuring device when it floods here...yes it really does get that high.

Totally beside myself with excitement in planning my zombie cake and ordering a corsage and making a dress to wear. Its going to be awesome!


  1. its going to be sooooo freaking awesome i just know it!! oh i wish i were closer. cuz, i totally know you'd invite me. right?

  2. Totally! And Welcome to the Dark Side!