Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Shannon's husband Paddy asked me to make him a bone clip for his hair. It seemed like a simple enough request. I made him one in time for my birthday party and he rocked it all night.

Last month I thought I would revamp them and sell them on etsy. I sold like 9 of them. Everytime I got the email from etsy saying "congratulations!" I would be whispering under my breath "please don't be a bone, please don't be a bone!"

Not that I hate selling stuff. Making bones was getting kind of boring though. And then Paul made me make 4 in one day "just in case". I did end up selling them all. He was right. As usual.

Yesterday I finally got around to checking my stats on craftcult. The dang bone had been in the Storque. Best of all, they used Paddy's photo from my listing. I laughed my ass off and convo'd Shannon to tell her about how famous her husband was.

Now I just need him to tell me what the next big moneymaker will be.

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