Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Night

After the zombie prom and throwing up all night and well into the next day, I was slightly unenthusiastic about going to San Francisco. We had already bought tickets for a block party on Broadway, had a hotel room, etc. So I sucked it up and tried to sleep it off. We got to out hotel about 8:30 that night. This is (as far as I can tell) the only hotel in SF that still has smoking rooms. We also stayed here for my birthday. I was planning on keeping it on the down low, drink wise.

Getting my zombie on.

I did Paul's makeup first. He was delighted to be so disgusting.

I was especially proud of his faux eyebrow. I made it Thursday night when I got home from work. He wasn't home yet to use for a reference, so I just winged it. Luckily for him, I made it from barbie hair and e6000. If I didn't have all these barbies laying around I would have had to pull out handfuls of hair from the dogs.

Waiting for a cab at the cab stand. About 10 pm. We only had to wait for about 15 minutes. We were already causing a commotion and the crowds were parting for is like we were contagious. Posed for lots of pictures.
And then I saw the Tool Academy! I was totally beside myself to get my picture taking with Tools. I kept telling them how much I loved their show! This was a popular costume theme and I was stoked to see so many guys that knew how to use a flat iron. And a bedazzler.

The streets were packed with drunken lunatics and half naked chicks. There was lots of ass out, but no pasties that I saw. We finally got into a club and had our only drink of the night.

they had decorated with barbie parts. Paul thought it was awesome.

I had brought a ton of business cards with me, but I'm really too shy and anti-social to schmooze much. This was the one chick that I did give it to. She seemed impressed with our makeup.

We took more pictures with tons more people. We posed with Jesus and Michael Myers and I was very disappointed that we didn't end up with one of THOSE on our camera. Damn! Paul wanted to take my picture with Mario and this is me protesting. We left this club shortly thereafter to smoke and find someplace else to hang out.
As a may have mentioned, there were cops EVERYWHERE! I've never seen so many in one place in my life. Cops on foot, on motorcycles, in cars and in those giant cop paddy wagons. I was determined to get my picture taken with some.

I was surprised that they were so accommodating and nice. If I was a cop I would have been to annoyed by all the drunk retarded naked people to pose for pictures. Maybe they thought I was cute? Anyway. This was the highlight of my night and I couldn't stop talking about it..."and then I got my picture taken with COPS!"

Waiting in line. Gave up. Waited in another line. Kept having to show my id to people. Looked nothing like me, but they let me in anyway. Everyplace was too crowded to get a drink. We walked up and down the street. People were just coming unglued when they saw us. Even the homeless people seemed afraid. I have to say I never have felt safer walking around in SF. People either gave us a wide berth or wanted to take pictures with us.
Found another club with no line. This club wasn't included in our wristband package, but their wristbands were the same color so we felt brave enough to try to sneak in. As we were waiting, we heard them calling for contestants for the couples contest. A bouncer told us that we should be up there. We told him we were trying to get in for it. Then he kind of grabbed us and cleared a path for us to the stage. When we got up there, it was packed with naked chicks and their boyfriends. All the guys had some sort of fake penis attachment it seemed. It was very crowded and hot. I looked out at the crowd and got my first twinges of a panic attack.

Everything started to get all far away sounding. We got called out fairly early and the crowd and the judges seemed to like us. I was a little woozy. The Judges decided that there had to be a dance off between us and a couple that was dressed like the Red Queen and King from Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland. I was in a full blown anxiety episode at that point.
They won $250. If we had known the Thriller dance, I'm sure we could have snagged the win. Still, coming in 2nd was much better than the humiliating zombie prom king and queen denial the night before.
After it was over we ran out of the club so I could calm down and breathe.
After that I was pretty much over it. We couldn't get a drink. Too many people. We tried for a good half hour to get a cab, but douchebags kept stealing them. I was pretty much wringing my hands in despair at this point. We walked further away to get away from the crowds and improve our chances. I figured we were too gross and no one was going to pick us up.
Finally someone did. One of the friendliest, happiest cab drivers I ever met. He was wearing a skipper hat and telling us to call him "admiral". I racked my leg on something trying to get in and have a gnarly bruise still, but at least we were on our way back to our room.
We kind of wandered around on the streets by our hotel. Couldn't find any bars, but lots of massage parlors. Got some champagne and Pineapple juice (Paul's idea, not mine) at a liquor store.
I so wanted some cake!
But of course bakeries aren't open in the middle of the night.
Went back to the room, took a shower and watched the Shining.
Can't wait for next year!


  1. omg how did you make your neck blood? Your costume rocked!

  2. Thanks! I'm in love with this stuff called "fresh scab". It has a thick jelly consistancy and according to Paul who rubbed it all over his teeth, it tates like cherries. Got it from the halloween store. Just ordered 4 more to get me through til next halloween!

  3. Your makeup was incredible! You guys looked super creepy!

  4. I am going to have to look for it, bloody costumes are soooo much better. It looks like it had some staying power too, your end of night photos of your costume look pretty much the same as the beginning.

  5. I loooooooooove love love your make up jobs!!! You RULE!