Sunday, November 8, 2009

Come Get Your Cross Stitch On Giveaway!

You guys know I love you like I love drinking champagne with a straw while watching Trailer Park Boys.

Now that the Halloween madness is over and things are returning to semi normal at work, I figured a new giveaway would make things even more delightful.

I'm so excited about my new cross stitch kits! I haven't had a chance to really promote them yet. All patterns were designed and all animals drawn by me. I even cut the fabric, cut the thread, printed everything out and stuffed them in the plastic bags. Just so you know. I would also like to mention that I have included basic "how to cross stitch" instructions (also written by me) in case you have never done this before. Oh, and with xmas around the corner, these make great gifts for old people that are difficult to shop for.

So here's what you get if you win:

Your choice of any one of my six Mrs.Evils Home for Broken Animals cross stitch kits!
Choose from:

Inside Sammy

El Chupacabra

Zombie Squirrelly

Drunk Elephant with a Broken Trunk

Visible Monkey

Meat Goat

A sweet My Pretty Zombie canvas tote for hauling around your crap

Bunch of promos from my Etsy Dark Side Homies

Probably some parasite pals stuff and maybe some candy. (if you're good)

Whatever else I feel like stuffing in the envelope at the time.

Here's what you have to do:

Go to my etsy store

choose which kit you would like

come back here and post a comment letting me know

that's it!

For extra entries you could:

twitter about this

write me a haiku

tell me a story about your animals

Open the door to your house and yell out my website (katrink, I know you invented this, and I think it's so damn clever)

Take a picture of your spouse/kids/pets/bff holding up a sign that says "Do I Look Pretty?" the more miserable and mortified they look the better.

Please make sure you leave a separate comment for each extra entry to count. Please make sure to leave your email if I can't contact you through blogger or etsy.

Winner will be chosen by random number generator. You have until 9 pm pacific 11/15/2009 to enter. I will announce the winner Monday the 16th whenever I wake up.


vagynafondue's photo entry... now this is pretty


  1. Oh, I would so pick the Zombie Squirrelly Cross Stitch Kit. I thought Chupacabra at first, but the Squirrel rocks!

  2. I twittered. Tweeted?

  3. Zombie Squirrel Haiku by Mrs.B.

    I like zombie squirrels
    They are funky but so cute
    LIfe needs more zombies

    (notice that the title did not say GOOD zombie haiku.)

  4. If you've every been to my blog, you've "met" my cat Tanner. Mean, rotten, unfriendly. Did I mention mean? If she wasn't so cute, I'd probably fire her.

  5. Just yelled your website out of my doorway.

    I think the mailman might have wet his pants.

  6. I'm with Mrs. B.--the Zombie Squirrelly would definitely be my choice.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. DRUNK ELEPHANT! I want to hug him (and pray he doesn't burp/puke in my face).

  9. tweeted!

  10. My cat Marcy is Satan's daughter. I'm convinced of it. She even used to write in her own LiveJournal: (Mitch is one of her nick names, along with Jacques Strappe, Smidge and Pretty Rainbow Sparkles).

    One time, this was probably nine years ago, I came downstairs in the middle of the night to get something to drink. When I turned on the kitchen light, I sensed that I was being watched. So I looked out into the living room and my three other cats were sitting up in a semi-circle, facing Marcy, who appeared to be giving some sort of clandestine feline Hitler speech.

    I never questioned it. Just got some water and went back to bed. She scares me sometimes.


    I'm dumb and put the wrong thing on the sign, tho:/

  12. The "Forgot to Bring My Tampax" haiku

    Elephant got drunk
    With me riding on his back
    Uh oh I'm bleeding.

  13. el chupacabra is my fave, because even fanged blood-sucking creatures have feelings-----

  14. the visible monkey! i love it!

  15. Ack, that Zombie Squirrelly kit is awesome.
    Btw, Trailer Park Boys = best show!! I can't get enough of that. I'm working on a embroidered quote series from that show.
    I saw on your etsy you live in Guernville, we're practically neighbors, I live in Santa Rosa. Well, that's pretty close considering the huge blogosphere we're in. Yay for Sonoma County crafty people! It is a small world after all. Love your blog, will def. be back to check out more!!

  16. My son is 15.6 and way too cool for mom anymore - unless she can come up with a zombie squirrel!

  17. For my extra entry: I have Belle, rescued border collie. She would fit right into your stuff - she is suspicious of everyone except me. Even Trixie Tornado, the maniace border collie that lives down the street and whirls at least three times every time we walk by. . .

  18. And one more entry:

    My zombie squirrel is
    A feast for my meaty goat
    Inside Sammy's tum

  19. I don't write haikus
    but I will for this contest
    how do you like that?

  20. One more entry? My cat Eddie is insane, as are all felines. She made my friend bleed last week and he didn't even know until like 10 minutes later, yeah, ninja claws. So I bought her some chronic catnip ( thinking it would totally make her even more of a spaz but no, she rolled in it and acted like she was having an orgasm. Then she looked at me like I was the devil for showing her such a good time. Yeah, my cat is totally a "How dare you love me so much" kind of bitch cat.

  21. Did I mention I want the zombie squirrel? I thought I had but now I can't find that comment. Hm...

  22. I have to say Inside Sammie is my fave!

  23. I would love the Drunk Elephant with a Broken Trunk! Reminds me of my favorite Disney movie scene. Love your kits!

  24. I would happy with any one of your kits, but if I have to choose I pick "Drunk Elephant with a Broken Trunk". It reminds me of the psychedelic pink elephants from Dumbo.

  25. Haiku:

    I like to drink beer
    Pink elephants are friendly
    Only to a point

  26. Animal story:

    I am terrified of squirrels. Ever since I was young they have chased me and screamed at me from their trees. A zombie squirrel would definitely be my worst nightmare.

  27. Oh! I twittered too.


    Check out this great cross-stitch giveaway from My Pretty Zombie.

  28. I don't know if this counts, but my tweet is also my Facebook status AND I became a fan on Facebook too!

  29. meatgoat would be perfect for my 13yr old black metal nephew. now i can cancel my order for blood-soaked puppies! thanks Mrs. Evil!

  30. my 2 cats would like you to know that if i don't win they will come to your home and steal your soul while you are sleeping. i don't condone this behaviour, just passing on the message....

  31. i opened the door to yell out your website, but was instead accosted by a fed ex man forcing me to take in 2 crates of wine for my absent neighbour. instead of signing my name on his computer i wrote Mrs.Evils, does that count?

  32. I want to learn cross stitch. I have wanted to learn since I was a child. Alas, every kit and project I have tried has betrayed me, with unclear instructions or inadequate supplies; and now, I'm so often hurt, I'm...I'm scared to love again. Or cross stitch again.

    So I really, really want Visible Monkey. I want to work on him during Thanksgiving, while the family plays Jenga. I want to package him and give him to my mother for the holidays. Because Visible Monkey is forgiving and loving, and if I screw up, VM will still look...disturbing. As it should be.

  33. My cross stitch skills are
    Monstrous. Monkey thus would be
    serv'd well by my skill.

    There, how's that?:D

  34. Yhe visible monkey is so so cute!I heart him.

  35. Omigosh I always wanted to try cross stitch, but it always seemed so... I dunno... mundane. These kits really liven thing sup, eh? I'd want the Visible Monkey- anatomy is always fun :D

  36. I just tweeted about this, too:

    I hope I win, this is just way too cool!

  37. I have a broken racoon story One of my Daughters Loves stuffed animals. The sadder the better.(I mean REAL stuffed animals)She has a Dog her Brother told her was a coyote,a Jack-o-lope, and a racoon so old and broken her dog tried to bury it!!!! I would love to see you make a Zombie racoon,I LOVE MRS EVILS!!

  38. Twitter reminder
    Sent me here to re-enter
    With a bad haiku