Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zombie Prom Pictures

So I took Friday off work so I could participate in the local Zombie Walk/Zombie Prom. My co- workers were very disappointed that I wasn't going to be there to wear my costume and chase them down the hallways this year. I promised to stop by if we had time, but unfortunately, Lula hurt her neck and we spent all afternoon at the vet's office. (She's currently still doped up from that, but fine)
I spent about an hour each on our make up. I had messed up our clothes the weekend before. Paul kept insisting that he needed more blood.

Shannon and Paddy met us there.

I had no idea we were going to be the only girls there.


Every picture of me in my twenties, I was holding a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. In my thirites, I've replaced the drink with my iphone.

That's a severed head that I hollowed out to use as a purse.

We have a photo that looks just like this from our wedding day.

Paddy was a waving zombie.

Zombie Barbie poses

Someone bet Paul that he couldn't lick his own eyeball.

First shot that someone bought for us. Me + hard alcohol= throwing up in the car on the way home.

Zombie love...at least I didn't have to worry about getting make up all over him.

Zombie Prom King contestants. Paddy's still waving. The drag queen on the end in the blue lame won...WTF!

Prom Queen contestants

Shannon and I aghast that the bimbo in the purple dress won sans zombie make up. Oh well, I didn't want to have to dance with the scary drag zombie anyway. WE WERE ROBBED!

The bar owners bought us a shot because we should have won. I should have not drank this.

Bring on the dance party! Shannon told the DJ that it was our 10th wedding anniversary. He claimed we weren't old enough (thanks guy!) but gave us a shout out and we had to slow dance to some shitty country song with some other couple that really was having their anniversary.

I may have been dancing to "my perogative" when I dropped this classic pose. Remember what I said about me and hard alcohol. It's not pretty. We got a cab shortly after this and went home to sleep it off. The best part of the whole night was on the zombie walk when all the zombies attacked a bus that was letting off passengers. No pictures of that unfortunately, and I was laughing my ass off too hard to stay in character.
Halloween night we went to San Francisco. I'll get to that later


  1. You are truly my hero. Seriously. You and Paul know how to make zombies proud!

    God it sounds/looks like it was a phenomenal time. I wish I lived out there so I could have a life too! None of my friends here ever want to do anything awesome. EVER.

  2. you fer sure got robbed! i'm actually kinda ticked off for you.

    you look actually kinda beautiful lol!

    now i'm humming bobbie brown. which is at least better than humming the brittney spears version.

    funnest post ever.

  3. Erin...it was fun as hell, but will last me for awhile. Normally I never leave my house so 2 nights out in a row sent me into social anxiety over load! Being in Zombie make up helped, but It was pretty hectic.

    Diane...thanks! Everyone there knew we should have won and kept telling us so. I feel more beautiful as a zombie than in everyday make up! I think that makes me really weird. The purse totally rules. I need to work on it a bit more to make it sturdy enough for everyday use.