Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 3. Carson City and Susanville

I was annoyed at how far away I had to walk just to smoke and drink my coffee in the shade.
Afterwards, we loaded up the car and headed back inside the casino for breakfast. I had the 2.99 special (which was delightful) and Henry had chicken fried steak (which was mediocre)
I wanted to check out a few antique stores in town. It seemed like a good place to buy dead stuff. They were all closed. Instead we headed over to the Lone Mountain Cemetery where it was hot as hell.
The graveyard was old and really cool looking with little patches of oasis type graves. I was busy taking pictures when Henry started yelling at me.
"Come over here. Very slowly."
He was only about 3 feet from me, so I figured I was about to tumble into a pit of vipers.
Henry: now look at me
Me: why? Wtf?
Henry: now look over there
Me: what am I looking at?
Henry: that fucking deer right there!
Sure enough there was a fucking deer. A deer lawn ornament. But a big nice looking one on one of the grassy graves.
Me: that's fake!
And then it blinked at me wtf?! Short of people in Carson city setting up animatronics at grave sites, I had to accept that this was a real deer less than 5 feet away just staring at us like we were dicks.

It was not at all concerned about us assholes and just casually started walking away to eat from another tree.

How effing cool.
But by then I was pretty much dying from heat stroke and I hadn't put on my hat as Henry had directed, so we headed back to the car. Saw a thrift store across the street and went to check it out. Not much there so we headed out of town.
On the way, we saw a junk/gift store. Inside it was packed with old useless toys, sweet ass furniture from the 60's, costumes, and all kinds of other dusty crap.
I found an awesome 50's dress with a matching jacket and Henry found this to die for cat painting. The guy gave us a deal on both because he wanted us "to like him"

We had decided to head to Susanville. From there maybe Oregon if we had the time. Our hotel options seemed limited,but the cheapest option was another casino called Diamond mountain.
On the way we passed a shoe tree that I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of.

Checked in at the casino and walked around a bit. No smoking rooms of course. There was a smoke shop and a mini mart on the property as well. In the parking lot, another deer lurked and stared at us.

Got an icee and headed back to the room. Took a nap and then headed down to the casino. Henry won more money (of course) while I lost ( of course)
Went to the restaurant for dinner. In each booth was a tv with its own remote. Henry's assessment : disgusting but really cool. He insisted I give him his hand sanitizer out of "our purse" ( which is what he's been referring to MY purse as, since he started storing all his crap in there) after he changed the channel. Also you could smoke in there! Also they had a red stag dispenser! And splits of Champagne for $3! This was the greatest place on earth!!

I had chicken fried steak ( mediocre) and Henry had a bleu cheese bacon burger (delightful).
I went up to our room to get my sweater and found a note slipped under our door inviting us to stay another night for $10 off. We decided to stay and check out the town and maybe the volcanic park that was close. Fell asleep about 11.

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