Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day Four. Susanville

Much easier to find a morning place to drink coffee and smoke. Sat outside on a picnic bench and was completely left alone. Nice.
Had breakfast at the hotel and headed out to check the town.
Still trying to find dead stuff. Went to a few antique/thrift/junk stores.

Who gives cigarettes to babies?

None of this shit was for sale.

We had a good cupcake and a whoopie pie at a local cupcakery. But other than that, I don't have a single good thing to report about the town. I guess I'm so used to people treating me normally, that I forget that I'm a freak in other places. A few hours of disapproving stares and a particularly cunty checker at Walmart later, I was totally over it.
So we went back to the hotel. Got an icee and hung out in the hot tub. Went to dinner and had a $3 cheeseburger and more Champagne. It was nice to have a day to not drive.
Heading for Redding in the morning.
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  1. I live in Redding!!! Don't venture to the South Side of town unless you want to be truly hating Redding. The North Side isn't much better. We are famous for our sundial, it is nothing special. -Misty

  2. I meant "Sundial Bridge" it is rarely accurate. The nature here is beautiful however, we are having a lot of Bald Eagle drama. I recommend visiting "The Beadman" on Park Marina if your looking for dead things, the Second Time around thrift store at the bottom of Market Street is a pretty neat thrift store unfortunetely those are both on the South Side, but that's where I live so it can't entirely suck. Lock your doors!! And sorry it is almost as hot as hell itself here.

  3. It really was so effing hot!! That's the only bad thing about posting a day behind. I miss all the suggestions for local crap :(. Thanks for reading this! <3