Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day two. Ione and Carson City

Woke up at 7 ish. There was no coffee maker or microwave in our room so I had to make my instant coffee with hot tap water. This is as terrible as its sounds. My auto correct just changed "hot" to HIV which is much worse.
Went out to the porch over looking the street to smoke. From there you had a perfect view of all the town's exciting goings on. Pretty much nothing. The post office however was a hot bed of activity all night long.
Wrote up my first blog post. Henry finally came out and yelled at me for sitting in the sun. Chuck and Amanda staggered out eventually too after a hard night of playing pool and getting eyeballed by the locals.
We decided to have breakfast.
The coffee shop across the street had a breakfast buffet. I can never pass up breakfast buffet. Everyone was amazed that I liked the jalapeño quiche. Because I hate everything.
Amanda pointed out the faygo display.

I texted this picture to Erin and she said her Henry SMILED when she showed it to him. Everything I do makes her Henry say "Andrea!" Like pee wee says "Francis!!" So this was a highlight of my day.
After breakfast we said our goodbyes to Chuck and Amanda.
Packed up all our crap for the drive to Carson City.
Our intent for the road trip was to maybe get to Roswell. Henry wanted to avoid Arizona because apparently they hate Mexicans there. After staring at Utah on the map for hours, we realized there was no way to make it to Roswell and back home without a few days of hard driving. So that plan was tossed and we decided to take a whatever approach to where we ended up.
Just barely out of Ione, I saw this supermarket in a town called pokerville.

I made Henry stop because surely they would have some sort of weirdness there.
Boringly normal as evidenced but this average amount of mayonnaise display.

Not much to see or do enroute according to my road side attractions app. We did stop at a mini golf that was allegedly designed by the same people who did the one in guerneville. It even had some of the same holes.

I made Henry win me this cow from the claw machine. He was disappointed that he couldn't get the cat.

Made it to Carson City with minimal arguing.
We stayed at the Gold Dust West casino. No smoking room second night in a row. :(. The casino was mostly empty of people,but completely full of penny machines. I hate penny machines. They lull you into this false sense of "hey it's only a penny!" But in reality you're spending $3-$4 per spin at max bet. Boo!
We finally found a bank of 3 25 cent machines hidden in the back. We lost $40.
The hotel also had a bowling alley.
Henry: let's go bowl and fuck up our arms even more!
So add bowling to the list of Things You Can't Do When You Test Pee For A Living.
It's a long list.

Had to wait until 4:00 to eat in the Mexican restaurant there. Our waitress grilled me about how painful my tattoos were and stared for way too long at my id while making a squinty face.
Henry had some kind of fancy Yay America drink.

We both had these jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon. They were so good, but so painful. I thought I might die. Henry made fun of how white I am (again).

Meanwhile at home, my mom was having a birthday party for Dr. Pickles.

After dinner, we lounged by the pool. Decided to try the casino again and Henry won $220.
Had a few drinks in the room and fell asleep watching Duck Dynasty.
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  1. I'm intrigued by the bulk mayo madness!

    This trip sounds so fun.

  2. I don't know what's wrong with me, I obsessed about that mayonnaise all day!