Monday, July 8, 2013

Day one part two Ione and Jackson

After lunch Henry and I argued over what sno cone flavors to get from the guy in the truck out back. Decided on black cherry and cola. He didn't like which ever one was in his hand at the time so we kept trading.
There was a thrift store that was finally open, so we decided to go there.
Inside it seemed as if every piece of crap knick knack and secretary dress from the 80's had been stuffed with wild abandon. I didn't want to touch anything. Chuck on the other hand got his hair felt up by the white trash mom and daughter combo on their way out the door. This happens a lot. The lady that owned the place insisted Henry should buy his t shirts at "Rosses" instead of the Internet.
Amanda bought a set of dog uggs and threw one away because their dog only has 3 legs.
Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel to see if we could check in. Imagine my delight when Henry and I were given room #13. It was also the giraffe room which only intensified my glee.

I wanted to steal this so badly. It still had a 99 cent sticker on the back.
Our plan was to drive to Jackson to hang out in the casino. We decided to have some drinks on the balcony first. Broke out my birthday Dom which we drank out if styrofoam cups.

Chuck and Amanda got me a ton of cool crap for my birthday including this sweet articulated mole skeleton.

Chuck drove to the casino. He slammed on the breaks and did a u turn so we could visit this sculpture place.

This giant chicken was actually in my road side attractions app so one more thing to check off the list.
We got to the casino and parked. I was already regretting my decision to wear my sweet new wedges. Inside it was packed with degenerate gamblers. Not a single slot machine didn't have an old hag with cigarette dangling posted in front of it. Then we found out you couldn't drink on the casino floor. Also that you couldn't smoke in the bar that was upstairs. Wtf kind of casino is this?!?
I was hungry so I ordered a steak at the restaurant that was too spicy for me to eat. Chuck told the waiter that it was my birthday, but luckily nothing happened.
Amanda wanted to put 10 bucks in a slot machine so we stood around while Henry won $80 and chuck kept saying "cash out" every time she pressed the button.
Finally left.
Back at the room. Henry and I were really missing Dr. Pickles so I kept hounding my mom (who was babysitting) to send us pictures. I passed out at 9 pm because I'm really old.
A pretty successful birthday.
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