Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bloodbath Zombie Diorama

Finally finished and dry! Paul thinks she needs nipples...I just feel weird about it...I don't know why...I guess I just don't feel like zombies need to be anatomically correct. It took me months to get this diorama done. I had the bathtub out and the barbies face painted forever. Just staring at me all sad and what not. So I tried a new thing for the blood in the tub. Its the stuff that you pour into vases for fake flowers to simulate water. I added red food coloring and it came out really coagulated and gross looking, not clear red like I was expecting but more like real blood. Everyone that I've shown it to has had the same reaction "eww, thats really gross" or when I show my co-workers "you're so weird". Thats pretty much the emotion I was looking to invoke so I guess I'm pleased with the results.

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  1. I the water illusion stuff! Nice diarama - ya know my co-workers say the same things about me! lol