Friday, May 22, 2009

House Hunting

So Paul and I are thinking about buying a house. He found this one online. Its huge...6 bedrooms, attic, screened porch off master, blah, blah, blah. Its also really old and really creepy. The bad news is its about 25 minutes from our house now...this would turn my 30 minute commute to work to about an hour. I know, no big deal for normal people, but I get off at effed up hours of the night and the idea of driving an hour to get home at 2 am, sounds really sucktacular. And I hate effing driving.

This week we are on a mini vacation, so yesterday we drove out to see it. I've never been to this town. It's a weird place. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was afraid of getting mobbed by the locals.
Pizza night might make me go to church...these kids were having this conversation:
Boy #1 to Boy#2

"so then...I kicked him in the BALLS! And I was going to give him a swirly...."
Pre-teens are the same wherever you go I guess...

The general store is your one stop shopping can buy a saddle and rent a VHS in the same corner. I felt like I had died and come back to 1988.
Gigantic chunk of corned beef...Paul said "You're like a detective" . I was trying to get as many covert pictures as I could.

The house was no more than 20 feet from the general store. A note on the door directed real estate agents to the back door because the front door was "swollen shut again"

The back door...I checked the knob to see if it was locked. It was. I was totally surprised. Paul said "wow, I've never seen you try to break in a place before." I guess he doesn't remember the first house we bought. This window was open/broken anyway so I could have climbed in if I wasn't so concerned about dead spiders and what not.

Front of the house...kept waiting for "REDRUM" to appear in the mysteriously frosted window.
So we didn't get inside yet...I'm not sure if we'll go back.


  1. yikes!!! hahaha the book "harvest home" by Thomas Tryon comes to mind.

  2. that place looks awesome! I wish you took more pictures!

  3. I totally should have...maybe we'll go see the inside...and maybe bring a priest or something.