Monday, May 25, 2009

Nikki and other stuff I did this weekend.

So First I made Nikki for a trade that I'm doing...I was going to name her Ange, but by the time I was done, she was totally a Nikki.

Yes, she has exposed brains. I totally love her and want to keep her.
Saturday night my friend was competing in a drag contest (the cross dressing kind, not the car kind, that would have been more fun) I did not want to go. Paul did not want to go. Drag queens scare me more than clowns do. Or zombies. Or anything really. But she peer pressured me into going and Paul took pity on me and didn't make me go by myself.
The premise was first you come out as your true gender (when she was up there, they called her a bio-girl, a phrase that amused me for the rest of the night) and answer some questions, then you get made up into the opposite gender, answer some more questions and perform a lip sync. It sounded totally horrifying to me. But I agreed to go, begrudgingly, with a lot of "well if you were REALLY my friend..."
So the thing started at 9pm...I had been working on Nikki all day and at 6, I figured I had time to take a nap. She calls at 6:30, all frantic wanting to borrow some of Pauls punk rock clothes because she had changed her song to the Violent Femmes and needed a new boy look. She also needed her makeup done. I hadn't taken a shower or eaten dinner yet, but I agreed to be at her house in an hour. In my haste, I forgot my real camera, and the pictures I took totally suck. But here they are anyway.

Me and Shannon and Me and Paul...yes, that is a gigantic magnolia attached to my head.

If You can't tell
Its a gigantic man wearing a silver tutu and Kiss boots.

She didn't win...although she should have...she was totally the best.

This is her from the back...she had a sweet faux hawk as a dude. I think I should be able to skip it next year.

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